Κεντρική Η Εταιρεία Nέα Προϊόντα Πελάτες Επικοινωνία
C10 E10 S10
Well proven and respected, our EVOLVE range of antennas out performs all
other RF suppliers when it comes to detection. Protecting your investment,
the range includes various integrated upgrades such as people counting,
metal detection, RFID and ad panels.

Designed to be flexible around the dynamic needs of the
retail industry, the EVOLVE range of antennas offer multiple
data management and remote service options with
EVOLVE-Store connectivity options. For retailers wanting Inventory
control as well as Loss Prevention, certain antenna’s in our range
offer practical migration of EAS and RFID.

P10 P20 N10 F10
P30 G10 G35
S20 G40
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